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150 Anniversary

Bethel Lutheran Church turns 150 years old this year! Please join us in celebrating this incredible milestone! Bethel is hosting a special program and reception on Sunday, April 30 from 2-4pm at the Bethel Highlands Campus. This program will feature comedian, Bob Stromberg and will highlight former Bethel pastors. This event is free and open to all. Click here for details and registration!

As Bethel Lutheran Church gears up to celebrate 150 years of existence, Karen Pavlis is inspired to construct a quilt as a way to demonstrate how each of us is an integral part of a much larger picture! Karen will need people to join in creating this quilt. The goal is to have multiple teams that work together to cut, sew, and press. No sewing or quilting experience is required. Youth, as well as older members, are encouraged to participate in this intergenerational project. We are excited to see the “fabric” of Bethel work together to highlight our mission to Connect, Grow, and Serve. Please contact Karen Pavlis at with interest.

Curious about what the Fabric of Bethel will look like? Here is a drafted sketch by Janet Clymer:


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