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150 Anniversary

As Bethel Lutheran Church gears up to celebrate 150 years of existence, Karen Pavlis is inspired to construct a quilt as a way to demonstrate how each of us is an integral part of a much larger picture! Each member of Bethel is invited to contribute only one small swatch of fabric (4”x4” or 3”x5”) to be stitched together in a colorful pattern to serve as the foundation of a quilt. This fabric may be from a shirt, dress, tablecloth, or a scrap leftover from a previous sewing project. Both campus locations have a drop box for your fabric swatch. For those who do not have fabric to bring from home, Bethel has provided a container with pieces of fabric for you to choose from to be a part of the fabric of Bethel! Please drop off all fabric by January 1, 2023.

Karen will need people to join in creating this quilt. The goal is to have multiple teams that work together to cut, sew, and press. No sewing or quilting experience is required. Youth, as well as older members, are encouraged to participate in this intergenerational project. We are excited to see the “fabric” of Bethel work together to highlight our mission to Connect, Grow, and Serve. Please contact Karen Pavlis at with interest.

This quilt will be created using the crumb quilting method. Click here to learn the concept behind this project.

Curious about what the Fabric of Bethel will look like? Here is a drafted sketch by Janet Clymer: