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Go Local

This Sunday, September 13

There will be a place to bring your diaper donations this Sunday at the Highlands Outdoor Worship!

77 Acts of Service in 77 Days

During a summer when nearly everything is cancelled, including youth mission trips, we are called and inspired to Stay Local to keep ourselves and those around us safe and Serve Local to provide mission and service to those in need.  There are so many opportunities to Serve Local both in the St. Croix Valley where we live and in the Twin Cities which we all leverage in different ways.

We want you to stay safe and Stay Local yet still help others and Serve Local. There are 77 days between the Go Local kick-off on June 29 and September 13. We challenge you be part of at least one act of service generating at least 77 acts of service.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  We can celebrate all the acts of service at the Great Bethel Get Together on September 13. 


Share Your Acts of Service

We want to celebrate your acts of service!  All those who volunteer are encouraged to share their experience through words and photos to celebrate the accomplishment and inspire others. Just a brief overview and a few photos are all that’s needed.

There are two options for sharing:

  1. #GoLocalBLC – Share your volunteer story in a few words and pictures on Facebook or Instagram with #GoLocalBLC.
  2. Email – Send an email to Thomas Newell at with your volunteer story and pictures.

Please Note – any stories or photos shared with the #GoLocalBLC or through email could be used by Bethel for printed or digital communications. We want to celebrate your accomplishments!  If you submit something, we will send you a vinyl sticker.

Where to Volunteer

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer through an organization or do something directly for others.  Click the links below for some ideas or get creative . . . the opportunities are endless!

St. Croix Valley

Twin Cities

  • https://twin-cities-mutual-aid.org/

  • Contact Bethel's High School Youth Director, Jake Summerville for options or to volunteer with him ( )

Small Ways - non location specific

  • Help people paint and repair their homes.
  • Volunteer to clean up trash around a neighborhood.
  • Create a mural that depicts the values of your community.
  • Plant a community garden.
  • Offer to pick up groceries.
  • Call up elderly people who live alone to check if they need anything.
  • Gather combs, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors, etc. people who are homeless.
  • Donate blood to a local blood drive.
  • Create a neighborhood Library.
  • Give someone a ride if they don’t own a car.
  • Write note cards to shut-ins or those in care facilities.

Go Local T-Shirts

Order and wear a Go Local t-shirt to benefit Operation HELP as your first act of service!  Click HERE to order your t-shirt now!

Check back soon for a photo gallery of Acts of Service!