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Lenten Devotions

Day 34: Written by Chase Kloster

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“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1Peter 4:10

It was not until very recently, last year, that I realized my God given gift.  I was asked to sing to the congregation with my best friend Peter accompanying me on the piano.  I’ve always been shy and self conscious, so getting up and singing by myself in front of a hundred people was a huge leap of faith for me.  When Peter played the first notes, I took that leap and was caught by the hand of God.  He carried me through every note and every verse.  I could feel the Holy Spirit
flooding the sanctuary and surrounding its occupants.  That was my first big God moment, and it wasn’t subtle.  It was like a brick to the face that says, “I am God.  I am here.  And I am never leaving.” My singing voice is a gift from God that I believe is meant to assist and empower others in strengthening their relationship with Christ.  I now lead the Engedi worship band with the intent of bringing every senior leaguer and confirmand closer to God every Wednesday night.  I feel the Holy Spirit in every note I sing, and I thank God everyday for the gifts he has given me.  Praising God through music has pulled me closer to God, and away from sin.  Every person has a special gift or talent given by God whether they know it or not.  That means you have a gift.  Your gift may not be so obvious now, but God has woven it into your path so you can use it to strengthen your relationship with him, and to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Prayer: Dear God, I want to thank You for the gifts You’ve given me.  I ask that You help me to use my gift to strengthen my relationship with You and to serve others.  I also want to thank You for the ultimate gift of everlasting life through Your son, and our savior, Jesus Christ.  It is in Your name I pray.  Amen.