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Lenten Devotions

Day 36: Written by Robert Maxwell Reynolds III

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“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28: 28
Throughout my life, I have faced many challenges, but the most striking one was definitely finding out who I really was. At the time, I had a long-distance relationship with God, and had no realization of not only what he can do in general, but more specifically what he can do for me. I used to follow others. I would dress like them, talk like them, but most of all, I would stray away from who I really was. When freshmen year came along, many of my friends invited me to this event known as Teens Encounter Christ, or TEC, which was a weekend getaway from reality. Going into the weekend, I was shy and had no intentions for anything really affecting me, but coming out of that weekend, this small factor in my life was a game-changer. This tiny portion of time spent opened up a whole new chapter in my life: my faith journey. From then on, I decided to give this relationship a try, and in doing so, I became who I was supposed to be: Robert Maxwell Reynolds III, the one and only. Through the Lord himself, I have gained so much confidence, strength, and love to share for all. I learned that God had put me on this planet to help others as I was helped by Him. I never really knew this, but that feeling I gain from helping others? It is the ROARING spirit inside of me. It fuels me every day, eating fear by the gallon and empowering me to do great things. These moments in my life are the ones I will never forget, and I wouldn’t plan on doing so anyway.
Prayer: Lord, give guidance to us and help us truly find that roaring spirit inside of each and every one of us, so that, by doing so, we will have the strength to reach out to those in need, share your love, and become children of Christ, who are loved past the tipping point. Lord, it is through You that we find ourselves. In Your name, we pray. Amen!