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Posted by Pastor John Lestock on

“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into it’s mold, but let God re-mold your minds from within”

 -Romans 12:2 (Phillips translation)

From the day were born we are bombarded with all sorts of messages about life and ourselves. These messages come at us from all directions: Our families and friends, cranky neighbors, television and the internet, the music we listen to, the newspapers and magazines we read. Some of these messages may be subtle and others not so subtle at all!

“You’re number one”, “If it feels good, do it”, “Buy now, pay later”, “Get them before they get you”, “You’re not responsible”, “You don’t measure up’,’ “Never admit you’re wrong”, “You’re better than other people”, “More is better” ... our minds are like tape recorders recording these messages and playing them back over and over again. Over time, they become deeply imbedded in our minds, psyches, and world views. Whether we realize it or not.

The problem is, many or most of these messages just aren’t true, and they certainly aren’t consistent with the values of God’s kingdom! That’s why the Apostle Paul warned us in Romans not to allow ourselves to become conformed to these values of the world. Instead, he urges us to allow God to mold and shape our attitudes and ideas from within to something greater, grander, and truer.

So how exactly can this happen? How do we keep ourselves from being diminished and deceived? We can’t really erase these troubling messages that we’ve lived with for so long! But just like an old-fashioned tape recording, we need to tape over the old with new messages. And the number one way is by reading or hearing God’s word on a regular basis! As we do this, we pray for God’s Holy Spirit to help these kingdom teachings and values sink in and take root in our hearts, minds, and souls!

This is the very reason God gave us the bible: to overcome false information, illusions, and lies with the truth… God’s truth. So, in this season of Lent, why not pull a Bible off the shelf, and let God re-program your mind, and your very life, in a positive, healthy, and trustworthy way.

Prayer: Lord, give us the wisdom and discernment to know what to listen to and believe, and what to reject. Give us eyes and ears, hearts, and minds for the truth. May the values of Your kingdom rule in our lives today, and every day, Lord! Amen!