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Faith Milestones


Bethel’s Faith Milestone Ministry celebrates important faith milestones in the lives of Bethel’s youth. Students prepare for their Faith Milestones during their faith formation time (Sunday or Wednesday, depending on the grade group) in a given month. The milestone is then celebrated in worship with the congregation to fulfill the baptismal promises. 

There is no need to register for this program, you are automatically enrolled with your Sunday School, Wednesday Night and Confirmation classes.  Follow instruction and celebration times on the calendar and in your family emails. 


3 Year Olds – Welcome to Sunday School Milestone & Beginner's Bible

Children who are 3 years old by September 1 of the school year are welcomed into Sunday School as their Faith Milestone. These children will experience first-hand what it looks like and what to expect when they attend Sunday School each week.  These students also receive The Beginner’s Bible. This Bible’s vibrant art and age appropriate text will introduce the children to over 90 favorite Bible stories that you can share together as a family or your child can read independently. Students explore questions like “What is the Bible? What does it mean the Word of God?  Is it true?”.

Kindergarten – Prayer

Kindergarteners learn about prayer, the importance or prayer and different ways to pray.  Students will receive a Prayer Pillow with a variety of prayers for events in their lives.

1st Grade – Lord’s Prayer

First graders will hear and see how Jesus gets excited when we pray, that he gave us The Lord’s Prayer as a way to talk to him. The students will explore what it is this prayer is all about and share it with the congregation.

2nd Grade – 10 Commandments

Students are introduced to the prophet, Moses and what the 10 Commandments are and how we live our lives obeying these instructions. They will share the 10 Commandments on their Faith Milestone Sunday.

3rd Grade—First Communion

These students discover the meaning of Holy Communion, that it is a gift for us, and how we remember, and appreciate what Jesus did for us. The 3rd graders will also hear and experience how we are transformed because of communion.

3rd Grade – Hands On Bible for Students

The 3rd graders also receive a student Bible that is a stepping stone between a picture Bible and an adult Bible. These students will learn how to use their Bible for their knowledge, faith and spiritual growth.

4th Grade – Worship

The 4th graders learn all the elements of worship and their significance for their milestone.  They can then practice some of what they learn by assisting with worship!

5th Grade – Apostle’s Creed

Students will learn what a creed is, what an apostle is and why the apostles wrote this creed. They will explore what it means to us as people of God as they prepare to recite this in worship. 

6th Grade – Luther’s Small Catechism

During Reformation month, the 6th grade students will explore the contents of Luther’s Small Catechism including the Lord’s Prayer, the 10 Commandments and the Apostle’s Creed and discover Martin Luther himself. 

8th Grade – The Lutheran Study Bible

8th graders will receive The Lutheran Study Bible which will support their Biblical knowledge and faith formation. These Bibles will be well used as the students progress through confirmation.

10th Grade – Confirmation

After not only years of faith formation, but also the two-year program of study, these youth affirm their baptism through the Confirmation Milestone and become adult members of the church.

12th Grade – Senior Led Worship

As these students graduate from High School, they take another step in their faith formation by preparing and leading an entire Sunday worship service.