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Lenten Devotion day 35 - Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Posted by Sherry Lamb on

"I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12

l feel so very blessed that God's light has shone upon me throughout my life. 

However, I did not always follow His light as I should have.  As a child, thanks to my Mom and Dad, I was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith.  I loved attending Sunday school and worship each week.  Being a part of the Christmas and Easter programs brought me so much joy, I could not wait to get all dressed up and feel so proud and grateful to be a part of God's faith.  I felt God's light shining upon me.  It was truly the joy of my life!   

As I became an adult and out on my own, His light may not have shone so bright upon me or so I thought.  Life gave me some challenges.  I got so busy with my life's journey and things became blurry in my heart.  I did not seek the light of God as I should have.  The years went by, there were times I sought God's blessings and forgiveness through prayer, but not daily, weekly or monthly.  I felt empty in my heart.                             

Life's journey brought me to realize how blessed I really was.  Even though I still experienced hardships, it was through daily prayer that brought me closer to God.  I felt His strength and support like never before.  I needed to be much more thankful and grateful to God.  I needed to feel His light shine upon me once again.  Now I can say that  with each new day I am closer to God.  What a gift God has granted me.  No more feeling empty, I feel His light shining upon me and through me.  Even though life's journey is not perfect, I know God's love and presence is always with me.  I am so blessed, no matter what life throws my way, through His shining light!

Prayer:  God, thank you for always being there for me during my life's journey.  You have blessed me in so many ways through Your never ending strength and love.

May I feel Your shining light upon me and within me now and forever. Amen.

 Sherry Lamb