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Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God.  In Phillipians 4:6, we read: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." 


On Wednesdays at 1:30pm, a faithful group of individuals gather to lift the needs of those in our community to God.  If you feel called to pray with a group of friends of Bethel, you are invited to this weekly time of prayer. Please contact our office at 715-386-8821 for details about this meeting.


Lord, we celebrate today with the Aubart family as Huxley was baptized this weekend. We ask that You be with Huxley and his whole family as they continue to experience Your love and freedom that we all received when You claimed us as Your own children in baptism.

Servant Leader,  You modeled Your service to others here on earth and call us to follow as Your hands and feet to all people both near and far. We ask that You guide the work of our high school and middle school mission trips happening this week. May the work be meaningful, the relationships powerful, and most of all, may Your presence be transformational wherever they go.

Holy Spirit, surround all those who are traveling this summer whether on trips or vacations. Keep them safe and continue to allow their time away with family and friends to be renewing and relaxing. May they continue to experience Your presence wherever they are and find ways to spend time with You while gone.

Healing savior, we remember all those who are hospitalized, sick, facing surgery or recovering. Today we think of THERSA DICKMAN, BARB ELSENPETER, LAVONNE GOSS, JERRY HEDTKE, JERRY JOHNSON, MISSY LIEN, VERN NAGEL, MARK NELSON, MERLE SPINKS, DIANE WOLF…and those still battling covid. Be with all these individuals, their families, and medical providers. Give them guidance, wisdom, and strength to persevere through this time. 

Spirit of comfort, be with the family and friends of ROGER BECKER and RON RIMER. Surround them with Your people who remind them of the promise that You are with them and will provide for them through this time of grieving and loss.  And may the promise of the empty cross and tomb remind them that because of You, we will be reunited together again on that final day, in heaven.

Creator of all, we ask that You continue to find ways through people like us to bring peace, justice, and righteousness to all places and in all issues that are lacking these things. We also pray Lord that You give us eyes to see and minds to comprehend how we can provide for those in need such as the poor, homeless, hungry, and neglected. Empower us as well to be a voice and advocate for the victims of violence and abuse. 

Heavenly Father, we know that there are many things that can divide us as Your people and as a nation. And we know this breaks Your heart. So for the United States and all countries, Lord, we ask for unity. We ask that You help us focus on the things that unite us so that we can have open conversations with peaceful listening about the things that divide us. We ask that You send your spirit to create these opportunities for our sake.