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Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God. In Phillipians 4:6, we read: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." 


On Wednesdays at 1:30pm, a faithful group of individuals gather to lift the needs of those in our community to God.  If you feel called to pray with a group of friends of Bethel, you are invited to this weekly time of prayer. Please contact our office at 715-386-8821 for details about this meeting.


Let us pray for the whole people of God in Christ Jesus and for all people according to their needs.

Renewing Creator – During this season of Lent, we ask that You open our eyes to the blessings and beauty around us. Help us to see where God is at work in the world and in our lives. May we find time for reflection and may our faith journey bring us closer to You. Giver of all good things...Hear our prayer.

Spirit of Healing and Hope – We ask that You be with all who are sick, injured, facing surgery, recovering or facing chronic health issues. May they receive great support and care and feel Your presence in their lives. We especially lift to your care: Carole DeJardin, Mike Haider, Jerry Hedtke, Mary Kirchhoff, Doug Lamb, Karen McAdams, Vern Nagel, Duane Peterson and Chad Rielander. Giver of all good things...Hear our prayer.

Lord of Service and Sacrifice – We pray for all who served in branches of our armed forces and work to keep our country safe. Encourage and protect them no matter where they are serving. We pray for Scotty Krause, Charlie Richards, Cheyanne Massie, Charles Kemper, and Tom Hitzke. We also pray for all of our first responders, police and firefighters who are available for those in need and put themselves in harm’s way to serve and protect. Giver of all good things...Hear our prayer.

God of all people – For all of those who are struggling financially, those dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters, those who are disenfranchised, living in conditions of upheaval, violence or despair, and for those who have yet to come and know You, we ask that You enter into these situations and bring stability, resources, strength, hope and peace. Giver of all good things...Hear our prayer.

Into Your hands, O God, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in Your mercy, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.